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Soaps By Us
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Soaps By Us
Soaps By Us is all hand made soap with all natural ingredients.  Soap will read 100% natural.  If soap is made with a dye that is artificial it will not be labeled 100% natural due to that one ingredient not being pure.  To find out more information on how we can help you reach your goal.  Please feel free to reach us directly by phoning our main head quarters at 216-916-9410.

We can help!
Church Fundraisers
Kids off to College
Book fund
Youth Projects
Family reunion
School event
Awareness fundraiser
Great gifts for youth, staff and Co-workers.

In working together we can achieve more.
Soaps By Us, a true dedication to helping people raise funds to do more in their non-profit.  Soaps By Us, has a motto of family first.  Want to raise funds for your organization or family to just do more?  Well! Soaps By Us, can help.  Soaps By Us, is a fundraiser method designed by Informing Our Children, Inc. who strives to empower people to do more.

They always said that team work is the best work. I say "first you have to put a team together that is willing to do more."  Everyone has to have the same focus and not concentrate on the likes and dislikes of each other but focus on how we can obtain our goal by working together. Informing Our Children, Inc. is located in Cleveland Ohio  www.lifeobstacles.org 
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