Soaps By Us, LLC

Block Soaps & Body Butters.

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 J. R. Wash Collection

Soaps & Body Butters made with the finest oil & butter and blended to perfection. Expereince the difference!

PO Box 19141,  Cleveland, OH 44119 .

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Soaps By Us, LLC

J. R. Washington 
J. R. Wash Collection

Soaps By Us is all hand made soaps with all natural ingredients.  Soap will read 100% natural.  Soaps will also read 99% natural.

Order you body butter today and experience the difference. Your skin will thank you.

If you would like to host a fundraiser or  find out more information.  Please feel free to reach us directly by phoning our main head quarters at 877-481-4334.

We can help!
Church Fundraisers
Kids off to College
Book fund
Youth Projects
Family reunion
School event
Awareness fundraiser
Great gifts for youth, staff and Co-workers.

In working together we can achieve more.

Soaps By Us, Designed to enhance the quality of hygiene one bar at a time.  We aim to design and make the best soap possible. Soaps By Us was formed to help a not for profit raise funds for their programs and services.  Soon the professioal soapers was on a mission to help more people do more.  From fundraising to vending they do it all.  With a high demand it now stands on its own. Separating 2018 and becoming a LLC.  

Soaps By Us, the J. R Wash collection was designed by designed J. R. Washington.  J. R. Washington was fighting dry skin and nothing was working.  It was getting so bad it became a layer of dryness. He tried everything to tackle the problem.  The problem is now tackled with his collection of finest body butters.  The blend of the finest oils and butters.   He has cured his own dry skin problem and now share his rememdy with the world.  Say no more! to dry skin!. 

Soaps By Us, a true dedication to helping people raise funds to do more; in their non-profit, group or family.  Soaps By Us, has a motto of family first.  Want to raise funds for your family or organization to just do more?  Well! Soaps By Us, can help!.  Soaps By Us, is a fundraiser method designed to promote health and hygiene.

They always said that team work is the best work. I say "first you have to put a team together that is willing to do more."  Everyone has to have the same focus and not concentrate on the likes and dislikes of each other but focus on how we can obtain our goal by working together.  
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