Nail Bid Refresher

Nail Bid Refresher

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We would recommend applying when your not in motion. Apply 3 times per day to start. Apply to clean dry hands.  Take the dropper and place around  cuticles massaging in a circular motion to your nails and cuticle.   Relax the oil will absorb.  Be sure to apply before bed.  Results may vary. Stay consistent. Feel free to phone customer service if you have any questions.


This blend has been perfected to strengthen nails as well as keep cuticles moisturized. 5 blended oils plus our secret blend has put our vibrant cuticle refresher to number one. Our Natural oils contain minerals that are important for the health of your nails. They can strengthen your nails, make them whiter and help them grow faster in a natural way. Use on toe cuticles.

Extra dry scalp? Use to soften dry patches. Skin safe.  Go ahead and rub a small amount onto your scalp. Use as needed. Will appear oily but will absorb into targeted areas.


Blend: special mix with Sweet Almond oil, Carrot oil, Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Oil and Hemp oil.