Jasmine Glycerine Soap
Jasmine Glycerine Soap

Jasmine Glycerine Soap

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No added coconut. Vegetable Soap. Jasmine is amazing. Description derived from research.. Get ready. Wet face cloth and soap. Rub in a circular motion til your cloth is full of bubbles. Go ahead and rub as usual. Enjoy. Customer service 1-877-481-4334


Jasmine Essential Oil actively fights depression, boosts energy and increases a positive mood. It has an aroma that has a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind and makes you feel happy by stimulating the hormones such as serotonin.


It is an effective germicide, bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral properties making it a very good antiseptic and disinfectant. It prevents wounds from becoming septic and reduces infections.


By reducing congestion and phlegm from the respiratory tracts it helps you to have an undisturbed night. It even reduces a cough and cold and helps to eliminate snoring. It also has sedative and antispasmodic properties reducing the signs of insomnia and sleeplessness.


This property of Jasmine Essential Oil gives relief and regulates period cycles and helps make them less painful. It balances your hormone levels and helps your body to function more naturally and in a healthy way.

Skin Health

Jasmine Essential Oil reduces scar marks and helps them fade. It treats dry, brittle and dehydrated skin and can be used as a treatment for eczema and dermatitis, though it can cause an allergic reaction or irritation in some instances.