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Carrot Body Butter
Carrot Body Butter

Carrot Body Butter

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Carrot Body Butter is our special blend to enhance the quality of the Dermis (skin) Made with 100% Organic African Shea Butter, 100% Organic Carrot Seed Oil, 100% Grape Seed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 
  • Carrot seed essential oil is packed with carotenoids, which exhibits antioxidant ability. It helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and oxidative stress.
  • Scientist state that carotol packed in this oil exhibit moisturizing, vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Topical application of this oil will help to regulate excess sebum production and help to get rid of oily skin.
  • Its exceptional healing ability soothes minor sunburns, restore damaged skin cells and promote cell regeneration.
  • Carrot seed oil is packed with the anti-inflammatory property that can help to reduce inflammation triggered due to ailments.
  • Topical application of this essential oil (blend it any carrier oil) can make your skin firm and shrink large skin pores.
  • Dark spots, scars, stretch marks and other skin disorders on your skin can be reduced with the topical application of this natural ingredient.
  • Skin whitening and moisturizing abilities packed in carrot seed essential oil are helpful to obtain radiant skin.
  • Our blend also helps with blemishes and wrinkles, sunburn and small skin wounds, allergies.  Can also be used a hair oil.
  • (description from research added to provide understanding of Carrot Oil)
  • Apply to Clean dry skin rubbing into the palm of your hands it will begin to melt due to natural heat contact of the skin.  Then apply in circular motion massaging into the skin.  Relax you've just been buttered.  Experience the difference.  

Non-Returnable please call customer service at 1-877-481-4334 if you require assistance.  Result may vary Content 8 oz jar content 6.2 oz. amount may vary due to handmade and hand packed.